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One 230GB external hard drive is importing 24,927 photos on to the hard drive with the visual interface, (laptop with malfunctioning keyboard) and the desktop has been shut down and is now booting. Once the external drive is finished it will provide the room needed to tackle the 976GB of content currently bogging down the desktop.

The importing is taking longer than expected… figured it would have been done by the end of this post. Not even half way.


Thoughts on Things; 20,890 Days until WDW2071.

Thoughts on Things; 20,890 Days until WDW2071.

Simplification is a word used today; being used gives word, buzzword status. “I say so…”

Google Play Store Image
Chromecast alone won’t save you.

Device Simplification

Today we uninstall and say good bye to the application MLS Matchday. Another App, falling into the “installed and forgot” category. Having the ability to Chromecast isn’t enough to keep you around; your inclusion on the Google Play store list was the single reason for your install. Good bye.


Device Research

The Nexus 4 is having serious battery drain issues, heat issues, and it still has the cracks in the screen; received day two of its current ownership arrangement. A new device seems likely to be reality in the future. Beginning the search with a few must haves, easily narrows the field and allows for more efficient decisions. Must haves include:

  • MicroSD Slot
  • Detachable Battery

Remember Simplification; one less device in the future.

Poster Florida I Love It




Going to the beach for the day!  A 4 year old, grandparents, a GoPro, a golf cart, my babe, and me. Florida is awesome.

Thoughts on Things; 20,891 Days until WDW2071

Thoughts on Things; 20,891 Days until WDW2071

Simplification is today’s new buzzword. “I say so…”


Testing what we are keeping, to be sure we are keeping it. An example of a Keep is
Removing unused or neglected apps and accounts in an effort to get more done, faster. The At Bat application is not used, so we will remove it.


Goodbye, MLB At Bat.

Enroll in Classes, Device Research, Beach Prep, and tinkering.

Result: 20,891 days

It is 20,891 days from today until October 1 2071, but not including the end date.

Or 57 years, 2 months, 10 days excluding the end date.

Alternative time units

20,891 days can be converted to one of these units:
1,804,982,400 seconds
30,083,040 minutes
501,384 hours
20,891 days
2984 weeks (rounded down)

via Time and Date

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